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Double M Bar Ranch Foal Program

Quality  |  Color  |  Disposition

Breeding Program:  Here at Double M Bar Ranch, we offer a group of select Appaloosa foals to the public for purchase each year. Color, confirmation, and disposition are three very important key factors in our program. Stallions and mares are carefully and selectively bred to produce traits such as eye-popping color, correct conformation, outstanding pedigree, and most importantly, great temperament. Equine Color Genetic testing allows us to predict many of the foals different possible color combinations even before they are born.

Foal arrivals:  Foals begin arriving in the spring. Our mares are docile and handled regularly. Foals are handled at birth and quite frequently during their six month stay with their mothers. The emotional welfare of our foals is just as important to us as their physical welfare. This is why we choose a six month time period before weaning. We believe this time is crucial for positive development.

Fall weaning and pre-school:  Foals are weaned in a safe, low-stress manner and begin a 30-day pre-school program by the second week. During our pre-school program foals learn to wear halters, lead, tie, groom, trailer load, and many other ground skills that give them the beginning of a solid foundation that will allow them to continue to move forward with their new owners.

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How to Purchase A Foal and Things To Consider

Picking the right foal:  We encourage anyone who is local enough to come and visit us and meet all of our horses! We encourage foal buyers who can’t make the trip to communicate with us by phone so we can get a feel for what it is you are looking for. Taking the time to create a successful match ensures the probability that our foal buyers will go on to have the kind of partnership with their horses that they’ve always dreamed of.

The deposit:  A deposit of $500 or 20% of the purchase price (whichever is higher) will hold the foal off the market for the foal buyer until its ready for pickup later in the year. Some in-utero options are also available. These deposits will be refundable upon certain conditions, i.e. foals are born dead, unsound, or are injured in any way that might deem them unsound while in our care.  As always, vet exams are welcome and encouraged.

Staying Connected: We provide each of our foal buyers occasional pictures and updates throughout the time foals are being held for them. This allows our buyers to stay connected to how their foals are growing and developing. We have an active Facebook page that we encourage all our foal buyers to join as well, as this is a helpful tool.

Remaining Payment:  All foals are expected to be paid for in full by the shipping date. Double M Bar Ranch will register your foal and provide all legal paperwork for it to travel (excluding international shipments). Each foal will come with its own set of records to include medical history, feed notes, etc.

Shipping: Our foals have sold throughout the entire lower 48 and internationally as well. We are very well acquainted with what it takes to ready the foals for shipment and will be glad to help support you throughout this entire process if need be.

Continuing Education: It is the buyers obligation to honestly represent their skill level. Through our pre-school program foals are offered with a good start, but there is still much they have yet to learn, and it is the buyers responsibility to not only continue the foal's education, but also to have adequate housing to receive the foal where the foal can become acclimated to its new home and bond with its new owner. Horses are live, sensitive, creatures that continue to learn throughout their entire lives and are never technically finished.  An unprepared buyer can quickly turn back or ruin sound training. It is the buyers responsibly to learn good horsemanship so the outcome is not only good for them, but also good for the horses we sell.

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