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A Midnight Dr Pepper

PA Rainy Day Dream x MJ Carbonite

Gorgeous 2021 ApHC Colt! This guy is jet black and caries LP, so he may get more characteristics with age. He is by our double homozygous splash white 1 ApHC stallion and out of a black AQHA mare. This guy is quality and really brings forward the best of both breeds. Going back to champions such as Dreamfinder, Peponita and Doc Bar, (just to name a few) this colt has a strong and proven show and working cow horse pedigree! He will be a nice sized and shapey individual who should be athletic with plenty of cow sense too. He should be good minded and trainable (mom is an absolute sweetheart), and he should excel in multiple western riding pursuits.



Ima Royal Prince

PA Rainy Day Dream x TFR Amanda

Stunning black leopard splash white 1 colt with two blue eyes! This guy is just DREAMY! He is by our double homozygous splash white 1 stallion PA Rainy Day Dream and out of our AQHA mare TFR Amanda. This colt really brings forward the best of both breeds with his quality and flash. He will be big with lots of athleticism and cow sense. He will make a wonderful ranch riding / ranch versatility prospect or make him into an incredible mounted shooting horse! He will excel in multiple western riding pursuits. Well marked colts like this, especially with the added splash white 1, are hard to find.



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Heza Dan Dee Cowboy

Final Dzign x Lukin Just Darlin

This colt’s sire and dam always produce such a nice foal together and this gorgeous buckskin leopard might just be one of their best yet! By our own son of DZ Weedo, Final DZign and out of one of our biggest Mr. Cool Hand Luke bred mare, this colt has the potential to not only excel in western riding but english riding as well! He will be big and versatile, and with his strong show horse pedigree and his look and color, he will be awesome in the show pen! This colt has several full siblings already going under saddle, and their buyers have had nothing but good things to say about how smart, trainable and friendly they are.


Heza Dandee Cowboy.jpg

DZS Royal Invitation

Final Dzign x FancyZips Invitation

Super cute buckskin colt by our DZ Weedo son, Final DZign, and out of our Invitational daughter, FancyZips Invitation! This colt is already really shapey, and he is going to be WIDE! He has a tremendous pedigree going back to champions such as DZ Weedo, Invitational and Zippo Pine Bar, just to name a few. He will do well in the show ring, will stand up in a halter class, no doubt, and he should be a nice mover as well. He will make a strong ranch riding / ranch versatility prospect, and he should do well in the cattle pens too!



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DZS Sunny Princess

Final Dzign x Royal Blackburn Doll

Holy Smokes! Would you look at this girl?! She is gorgeous and built like a brick house too! This stunning filly is a perlino leopard. She is by our DZ Weedo son, Final DZign, and out of our incredible Blackburn bred AQHA mare, Royal Blackburn Doll. This gal is going to be FANCY! She will have lots of shape, bone, mane and tail, and she already has a cute little head and one stout hip! She has a very nice show and old foundation pedigree that will lend her to being extremely versatile. Being a perlino, she does carry two copies of cream, so she will be able to produce buckskin and palominos after she’s been ridden and shown.


DZS Sunny Princess.jpg


PA Rainy Day Dream x Dymond Hope

Gorgeous filly here by our double homozygous splash white 1 Appaloosa stallion, PA Rainy Day Dream and out of our Thoroughbred Jockey club mare Dymond Hope. This filly has inherited a copy of LP from her sire and may get more characteristics with age. She has regular registry papers. This gal is an absolute knock out! She has quality written all over her! Check out that gorgeous head and just look at her substance and bone! She’s going to be a sport horse deluxe, and she was our only foal bred this way in 2021. Her dam stands at 16 + hands and is just the sweetest, most outgoing individual.  If you are looking for a classy prospect who will have height and movement to be taken in more on an english riding direction, then you may want to consider this stellar cross! She will make a fabulous dressage prospect and may work into a jumper as well, while remaining a wonderful mount for those ever-popular ranch riding / ranch versatility classes. She will go in many directions!

ASKING $4,800


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DZS Plaudit Princess

Final Dzign x Secret Rule

Another tremendous cross that never disappoints, and this outstanding filly is certainly no exception! By our DZ Weedo son, Final DZign, and out of our The Secret daughter, Secret Rule, this filly has a phenomenal pedigree and is strongly suited for the show pen. She goes back to big names on both top and bottom sides such as DZ Weedo, Zippo Pine Bar, Mr Joe Glo, Sunny Dee Bar, Regal Contender, The Secret, Dreamfinder and Joker B and Plaudit! AMAZING NAMES HERE! This gal is going to be BIG with lots of quality and presence. She is actually homozygous LP through parentage, so expect her to develop lots more roaning and Appaloosa characteristics as she ages. This filly’s full siblings are all very friendly and outgoing and super trainable. This filly is already approaching us in the pasture. She will be easy to develop and will make a tremendous all-around show prospect. Then enjoy her out on the trails and as a broodmare one day!



DZS Glamour Girl

Final Dzign x Sand N Cinders

Stunning buckskin filly by our Dz Weedo son, Final DZign, and out of one of our veteran mares, Sand N Cinders aka “Sandy” who has been a corner stone in our breeding program. This filly is just as sweet and outgoing as her mother, and her pedigree and quality are just to die for! She goes back to greats such as her grandfather, DZ Weedo, Dandy Zippo, Zippo Pine Bar, Regal Contender, Impressive, Top San and Sunny Dee Bar! She is 5 panel n/n through parentage. She is going to be a nice size and will make an outstanding all-around prospect! We have not kept many of Sandy’s daughters throughout the years. We had plans to retain this girl, but she is now being considered to the perfect home. 

ASKING $6,000


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Bold N Fancy Legacy

PA Rainy Day Dream x Docs Legacy Girl

This gal is not only gorgeous but she’s built too, and she has such a sweet, outgoing disposition! She is by our double homozygous ApHC stallion PA Rainy Day Dream and out of our AQHA mare Docs Legacy Girl. This filly is going to be super athletic and trainable. She is bred to have cow sense and speed. She will make a strong rope or barrel horse prospect or even a mounted shooting horse! She would also do well in ranch versatility / ranch riding or just enjoy her out on the trails. This filly should finish out around 15-15.1 hands with lots of bone and substance.


Bold N Fancy Legacy.jpg

Ima Dreamy King

PA Rainy Day Dream  x Mighty Cool Sky

This splash white 1 stud colt is a one-of-a-kind, and boy, will he be a looker! This guy will be BIG with lots of shape and presence. Even now he’s wide across the wither, has a strong topline and a nice hip. He also has lots of bone and a gorgeous head. He is friendly and inquisitive and will easily have the disposition to make a breeding animal in the future. Dreamfinder bred, this guy has some great names in his pedigree! He would make an awesome halter prospect and could easily be developed into a flashy all-around show horse prospect. Cowboy mounted shooting, parades, mounted patrol, ranch riding, ranch work, trails, etc., the possibilities are truly endless with this unique, stunning colt!



Ima Dreamy King.jpg
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