Dear Mike-

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for the wonderful time I had at the ranch. I really appreciated your warmth and hospitality. You have wonderful farm managers in Susan and Jay. Please tell your Susan that her steak on Memorial Day was superb! I appreciate everything you have done for me including your assistance in DZ (Red’s) transportation. He is a beautiful horse and I can assure you he will be given the best care and love. I hope to make something of him in the future. Hope we can keep in touch and meet again.

Ann - Pennsylvania

When we moved to our place in the country in 2011, we knew we wanted horses, but we had no idea what owning horses would entail, nor did we even have an idea about what we wanted. When we found Double M Bar Ranch, Jay and Susan Warnock (the ranch managers) took us under their wings and put us completely at ease. They helped us understand what we were getting into and helped us pick horses that would be the best fit for our level of experience. Instead of taking advantage of our inexperience, Susan and Jay helped us choose horses that would fit into our life and bring us the most enjoyment. I am so grateful for this couple and their expertise. They are truly a blessing and we couldn’t be happier with our horses.

K. DeFord - Texas

I have to tell you that I am so impressed with Andy (Impressive Andrew). He is very sweet, intelligent and consistent along with being incredibly gorgeous! Everyone that meets Andy falls in love with him. I am very blessed to have Andy in my life and as a part of my family. He has the personality that when he sees me coming he hurries over to me and puts his head into the halter. Not that I need a halter, I think he would follow me anywhere! I hope to be a repeat customer of yours in the future. The love, care and thoughtful breeding you put into all of your horses is evident.

Kay - Colorado