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Here at Double M Bar Ranch we specialize in producing the uniquely colored well marked Appaloosa without compromising quality or disposition. Backed by the latest cutting edge genetic testing and research, the outcome of our foal crop each year is no accident.

If you’re looking for color we’ve got it!

It’s who we are!


Our facility consists off approximately 475 acres of lush rolling pasture land located 75 miles north east of Dallas, TX. We bring together twenty-five years of hard work and life’s lessons to raise and keep content horses that come to you when they see you. We believe their environment and interaction with humans from day one is vital for horses that are easy to work with and a joy to own.

We strive to match our customers with the eye appeal they want and the disposition they need. So this makes us very interested in you, the prospective owner!

We will be glad to help you in making shipping arrangements for your new horse!


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Final Dzign


DOB: 3/18/09
ApHC #663216
Standing 15H

Sire: DZ Weedo ApHC #533898
Dam: Tieshays Bailey Glo ApHC #629198 

Final DZign AKA: “DZ” is an OWN son of DZ Weedo and TRIPLE HOMOZYGOUS! DZ also sports one impressive pedigree, going back to greats such as Zippo Pine Bar, Regal Contender, Three Bars and Prince Plaudit. DZ will always guarantee a buckskin or smoky black foal with Appaloosa characteristics! He is an easy going stallion with a wonderful disposition. If you’re wanting a quality foal with an exceptional pedigree and unique color, DZ will be your stallion of choice! 5 panel n/n.